'Upstanding Man' Allegedly Hid a Sickening Secret Right Under His Neighbors' Noses

timothy deeganTimothy Deegan's friends and neighbors were shocked when they learned what he had been doing inside his upscale Florida home. The well-to-do accountant had been keeping hookers hostage, pimping them out, raping them, and plying them with cocaine, according to police.


His devious scheme was well planned and executed. Authorities say he kept watch over the women using hidden cameras and GPS devices. And not only did he force them to commit sex acts, he also made them clean his home.

Some neighbors say they thought he was a bit shady, but none suspected this type of crime going on. They never imagined that this good-looking, upstanding guy could possibly be another version of Cleveland kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro. It just goes to show that you really can't judge a book by its cover. That is a very scary reality.

We would hope that someone doing something so sinister and cruel would show obvious signs of their behavior. We hope that a monster actually looks like a monster. Frighteningly, they rarely do. Even in the case of Castro, people had no clue he kept those women imprisoned and tortured for a decade.

Police say Deegan found the women on a website for prostitution and rented hotel rooms to pimp them out. His activities came to light after he videotaped himself raping one of the women and she managed to call the police. He has since been charged with human trafficking. So very disturbing.

Have you ever been surprised to learn someone you know committed a crime?


Image via Alachua County Sheriff

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