Man Arrested for Killing Pregnant Woman Because He Wasn't Father of Her Baby

A man allegedly became so enraged that the object of his "affection" was pregnant that he killed her. The man, Emilio Calderon, was apparently so obsessed with his victim, Katherine Martinez, that when she told him she was pregnant with her boyfrend's baby, he allegedly stabbed her three times and, when that didn't kill her, strangled her. Her unborn daughter died as well. Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger may have gotten all the press for going on a murderous rampage because he felt he deserved women he wasn't getting, but this kind of thing goes on all of the time.


Calderon reportedly told police that he and Martinez were in an on-off relationship and he became enraged when he learned that he was not the father of her baby.

However, friends and family say that the two never had a sexual relationship and that he should have had no expectation that the baby was his. One friend reportedly said:

They never had sex. They didn't kiss. They never even held hands. They did not have an intimate relationship.

Despite this, Calderon sounded deeply obsessed with the woman -- reportedly showing up at her college classes and the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. He also apparently was stalking her on social media. After she got fed up with attempts to be with her, Martinez blocked him, so he made up a fake account that she friended (presumably on Facebook) and kept track of her that way.

Despite all of this, Martinez seemed to have no clue that Calderon was capable of violence and agreed to meet with him at her apartment to talk. After learning she was pregnant, he allegedly flew into a rage and admitted to cops that he killed her. Another of Martinez's friends said:

We want the public to know that just because he pursued her doesn't mean he was entitled to her.

Nor to kill her! And yet the stories of this woman's stalking and murder are couched in such language that it makes it sound like all this man was doing was "wooing" her. In fact, "woo" is a word I kept coming across. He was not "wooing," he was busting all of her boundaries and stalking her.

Unfortunately, Martinez didn't seem to see the signs of this nor realize how dangerous obsessed stalkers can be, and trusted him enough to meet with him. That was a fatal mistake for her and her unborn child.

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Stalking is extremely dangerous, and women who are "friends" with men who refuse to respect their boundaries and won't take "no" for an answer should not underestimate what these men can be capable of. But it's a sad world when a woman has to be worried that saying "no" to a man can mean her life.

If you think you are being stalked, please call the Safe Horizons hotline at 1-866-689-HELP (4357). 

Have you ever been stalked?

Image via Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

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