Mom Attacked by Stranger for Looking 'Happy' Saved By 8-Year-Old Daughter

Some people can't stand to see others experiencing the simple joys of life -- but very few people would take things this far. A 26-year-old woman was walking on the street in Chicago with her 8-year-old daughter when a man with a knife reportedly attacked her because she looked "happy" and her "happiness" angered him.

Police say Jessie White, 25, was sitting on the steps of a church when the woman passed by with her little girl and caught his attention. He allegedly appeared behind the mom, held a knife to her throat, knocked her daughter to the ground, and said, "I'm going to kill you. I have to kill you."


Even while she was being attacked by White, the quick-thinking mom yelled out to her daughter to run home and get help. The girl hit White with her backpack before following her mom's instructions and fleeing.

Meanwhile, the blade of the knife fell off while mom was fighting with White, who then reportedly punched her and dragged her into the basement of an abandoned coach house. Police say he had visited the basement earlier to urinate there and knew it would be empty. He allegedly bashed her head onto the cement floor and, again, told her he wanted to kill her.

As he climbed on top of her and continued to attack her, apparently the woman's husband showed up and was able to save his wife -- thanks to their little girl.

White has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery, and battery and is being held without bond.

How incredibly frightening and senseless. His victim, thank goodness, is okay. She suffered bruises and was treated at a hospital.

We don't know much about the suspect other than the fact that on his Facebook page, which has since been suspended or deleted, he claims to be a student at DeVry University and has written things like: "Goodbye for awhile guys don't know when I can come out again ... Just know that I'm ok, just need to work on my life and my future."

This story could have had a nightmare of an ending, and we're just happy that both mom and her daughter are okay.

Do you feel safe walking around your neighborhood with your young children? What steps do you take to protect yourself?


Image via Cook County Sheriff's Office

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