First Graders Taken to Hospital After Classmate Brings Heroin to School

school classroomImagine this scenario: your child's school calls your home. They say that your first grader was rushed to the hospital. Your mind would probably jump to a couple of conclusions about what happened, such as they fell from the monkey bars, got into a fist fight with another student, or had a bad fall while playing kickball. But 20 parents from Commodore John Barry Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received a totally different, unexpected, and shocking call from the school. Their children had been exposed to open packages of heroin in their classroom. And get this ...


It wasn't just one bag of heroin, but eleven! The school was concerned that one or more of the students may have ingested some of the drug since two of the baggies were reportedly open and one appeared to have been chewed on.

Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia police department explained, “We know that one of the packages clearly looks like it was bitten, and we do have one student saying that the young lady who did bring the substance to school did have that packet in her mouth.”

All the children in the class were examined at the local children's hospital and fortunately they were all okay, but if just one of the children would have ingested the potentially lethal drug, the story could have had a tragic ending.

What's really shocking is the age of the girl who brought the drugs to school. She is just 6 years old, 6 YEARS OLD! And while this may seem like a bizarre story, this is the second time this has happened lately. Back in May, a 7-year-old in Chester County, near Philadelphia, brought nine bags of heroin (that belonged to his grandmother) to class.

They don't know if the little girl knew what the substance was that she brought to school, but there will be consequences for the girl's mother and her boyfriend. The police said that they have searched the girl's home and that they expect to file charges against the mother and her boyfriend.

This is such a sad story. It's scary to think that some parents may be dumb enough to not just do drugs, but that they left them out for their kids to grab.

Do you think the child should be taken from the home or that the parents should be arrested?

Image via Frank Juarez/Flickr

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