Gang of Strippers Accused of Drugging & Robbing Wealthy Men

stripperThis should serve as a warning to all those strip-club-loving guys out there. Think twice before you sneak off with a roll of one-dollar bills in hand. A stripper crime ring drugged customers and rang up thousands in charges on their credit cards.


Four strippers are accused of doping a lawyer, a doctor, and two finance guys and left them in a private room while they billed their credit cards for $190,000.

Reportedly, the women would scope out men at upscale bars, slip them a drug like Molly, then lead them into either Scores or Roadhouse, strip clubs in Queens. The next day, the whopping bill would suggest that these men got a night they would never forget -- but they had no recollection of what went on. In fact, they had no idea how much they had spent until the credit card bills came weeks later. If they tried to call and dispute the bill, the men were threatened.

The scheme began to unfold after the doctor, a cardiologist, refused to pay and Scores sued him for the $135,303 bill he allegedly raked up during visits. He insisted he never made the charges. Lucky for him the police proved him right.

The strippers were charged with conspiracy, grand larceny, and forgery. I am sure if any of those guys are married, they were relieved for many reasons. Can you imagine a man stammering through an explanation as to why he spent $130,000 at a strip club? What the heck is on the menu for those prices? Not many women would buy the whole "I don't remember" excuse. Fortunately, these guys were all vindicated.

Have you ever been scammed?

Image © JASON LEE/Reuters/Corbis

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