Teen Arrested for Murder Plot Asked Wrong Person to Be Her Facebook Friend

A 19-year-old woman's Facebook conversation with her aunt led to the teen's arrest on solicitation of murder charges. The teen, Marissa Williams of Alabama, had moved in with her aunt in April, but quickly got into trouble by friending strangers on the social site and inviting them over to her aunt's house. At her wits' end, the aunt reportedly decided to try and teach her niece a lesson about friending strangers by creating a fake account and pretending to be a teen boy. This way she thought she could keep an eye on her niece's wall and get the inside scoop on her activities. She friended Williams and began chatting with her. It turns out Williams was up to much, much worse than her aunt imagined.


Reportedly, on the first day the teen chatted with her aunt, who was posing as a boy named Tre "Topdog" Ellis, the teen invited him over for sex if he paid her $50 phone bill.

Days later, the teen began talking about how angry her family made her -- especially her aunt. She allegedly asked Ellis to come stage a kidnapping to get her out of the house. She instructed him to shoot her aunt if she tried to stop him.

Then things got even worse. Ellis allegedly decided that she wanted her whole family dead and instructed "Tre" to come into her aunt's bedroom and kill her aunt, her aunt's fiance, her cousin, and even the family dog.

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After finally realizing that she was in real danger, the aunt called police and handed over the scary Facebook conversations. The teen was arrested but reportedly claims she didn't really want anyone killed.

While I'm not a big fan having a false persona online, in this case, it may have saved the lives of an entire family. If the charges are true, Marissa sounds like she would have asked pretty much anyone to kill her family, so fortunately, she asked her aunt.

Have you ever pretended to be someone else on social media?

Image via Tuscaloosa County Jail

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