Man Arrested for Murdering Sex Offender Who Molested His 8-Year-Old Daughter

Knowing your child has been molested must be one of the absolute most gut-wrenching things a parent has to go through. But does that ever justify criminal behavior of the parent? That might be the question a jury will have to decide in the case of a Cullman, Alabama man who has been charged with the murder of Raymond Earl Brooks, who was convicted 12 years ago for molesting the suspect's then-8-year-old daughter.


It all started when the suspect, who lived the same town as Brooks, allegedly fired into the window of a gas station, reportedly toward a man who had been dating his stepdaughter.

He then reportedly took off on his motorcycle and went to Brooks' home and shot him. While police say there was not "a whole lot of good blood" between the two men -- given that Brooks was convicted of molesting his daughter -- they are not certain that was the motive in the killing. Nor is it clear why he shot at the man who was dating his stepdaughter.

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Brooks was sentenced to five years in prison for the molestation, but ended up receiving probation and paying $2,946 in restitution costs -- a pittance for a molestation.

So perhaps the father was still angry about what had happened -- maybe, after 10 years, he finally snapped.

Any parent who has had this happen would feel incredibly angry. If you bottle up those feelings over a long period of time, who knows what could happen. Especially if you happen to live near the molester -- imagine having to see that person on a regular basis.

However, the justice system is here for a reason. And the justice system is not always fair -- if Brooks really did only receive probation, it seems incredibly unfair and wrong.

But now we have a man who won't get to parent anymore -- because he might end up in prison. You can't go around committing revenge murders, though of course this would be tempting to do in such cases.

Police are investigating and trying to figure out exactly what happened here. One would hope that if the father is found guilty, his state of mind regarding his daughter's molestation is taken into account. But also what must be taken into account is Brooks' life -- perhaps he had completely turned himself around.

Do you think this father should be shown mercy?

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