Teen Reportedly Forced to Become an Escort After Answering Job Ad

A teenage single mom from Philadelphia had every intention of doing the right thing when she applied to become a home healthcare professional after spotting a job advertisement on Craigslist. The 18-year-old agreed to meet "employer" Kevin Cornish, who is 42, at his apartment so she could learn more about the position and fill out paperwork.

But the man wasn't who he claimed to be, according to police. While at the home he shares with his mother, Cornish allegedly forced the girl to sign a contract agreeing to become an escort before raping her and making her pose for nude photos. 


The "predator" reportedly pushed the young woman down in a chair, squeezed her shoulders with force, and made her sign the escort contract. Cops say he then ordered her to remove her clothes, took pictures, and raped her. After he was finished, he reportedly drove her home.

And she wasn't his first victim, cops have revealed. When they investigated Cornish's home, police say they found 50 escort contracts signed by different women, which have led them to speculate that the man may be involved in a major human trafficking operation. Now they're faced with the task of interviewing all of the women to determine if they are victims.

In his defense, Cornish says he runs a legitimate escort service and that the teen agreed to have sex with him. He has been charged with rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, and assault. He is in jail on $250,000 cash bail.

This horrific story serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who has a teen looking for a job. I confess that I once responded to a Craigslist job ad and agreed to meet someone at her apartment. Though everything turned out fine, I look back at this and think: bad, bad move. You just never know anyone's intentions, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Anyone truly interested in you as a job prospect will agree to meet you in a crowded public place.

Have you ever responded to a job ad that you realized sounded suspicious?


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