Dad Arrested for Feeding Meth to His 11-Month-Old by Mistake

An 11-month-old baby suffered a seizure after he was fed methamphetamine -- by his father. The man, 24-year-old Christopher Telles of Phoenix, reportedly told police that he was trying to "calm" down his crying son when he stuck his thumb in the boy's mouth. Unfortunately, the thumb was reportedly covered with meth.


Telles reportedly told police he didn't mean to feed meth to his baby -- he had it on his thumb because he had crushed a rock of it the previous day.

Whether or not that is true (did he really not wash his hands all day?), it goes to show you should never have drugs around kids. Kids can get into them accidentally, or you could drop a drug on the floor, which the kid finds later, or even you might accidentally feed the kid the drug. Just not a good idea.

If this is the way it really happened, however, at least the man didn't do it on purpose. He also brought the child to a hospital right away when he began suffering what looked like a seizure.

It's pretty sad when you say, "At least this wasn't done on purpose," but the reality is that there are far, far worse things that parents do to their kids -- purposefully. Perhaps this scare will be the wake-up call this man needs to get help and get clean.

Telles has been charged with one count of child abuse. There's no word on the state of the child.

It's easy to say "send him to prison," but perhaps he is, in his own way, a good father. Perhaps not. Perhaps a child in this situation would be better off anywhere else. Sad all around.

Should he go to prison if this was a mistake?


Image via Maicopa County Sheriff's Office

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