Mom Has Twisted Reason for Allegedly Having Sex With Teen Daughter's Friend​

Plenty of frat-boy comedies glorify the teen boy who manages to hook up with the hot mom -- the MILF. Usually it's the mom of one of the teen's friends. While this might be titillating on film, think about it in real life. Do you really want your mom going after one of your friends? Not only illegal, but highly embarrassing! But this is what 38-year-old Heather Salines is accused of doing. Salines was charged with aggravated rape of a child because she allegedly hooked up with her daughter's 15-year-old pal. Ew, mom.


Salines, who is married and has two children, was arrested after she allegedly exchanged some nude selfies with the boy, who is her 13-year-old daughter's friend. Then the boy did what a teen boy is going to do -- passed them around his school. Once word got back to school officials that a teen was showing pics of a naked woman, he was called into the office and eventually admitted he'd been having sex with Salines.

Salines then reportedly confessed to cops that she'd had sex with the boy several times. She reportedly told cops how the boy had "lost his mother at a young age." And??? Did she think her behavior was motherly?? In fact, according to police, Salines said that "it was like she was his mother and that she would try to be there for him." If these allegations are true, then that is very far from being a mother-figure!

They apparently then began kissing and fondling at her house, when mom wasn't sure where her daughter was. "He acted like a grown man," she allegedly told police. Acting like one and being one are two different things. Sounds like this woman lived in some fantasy world.

They then allegedly had sex at a hotel and inside of a car. And began texting naked pics back and forth. Apparently they'd try to have sex outside of the house to hide it from the woman's daughter -- the teen's friend. Nice. (That's sarcasm.)

Her lawyer claims she is not the "villain" the prosecution is portraying her as.

I can't imagine what this woman's daughter is thinking. Probably mortified. You would have hoped the woman would have thought about that first.


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