Heartless Looters Steal Groceries From Car After Mom of 2 Dies in Crash

Most people who witness a tragic car accident feel empathy and compassion in their hearts. They would be willing to do whatever it takes to help out, if possible. And some, like the folks in this horrific story, think so little of human life that they steal groceries out of a car after a mom of two young boys crashed it and died at the scene.


The Texas mom was returning from a school graduation and stopped at a grocery store with her sons, ages 4 and 6. The children were reportedly wearing seat belts but were not sitting in car seats, while mom was not wearing her safety belt. The woman's SUV crashed into another car and she died upon impact. Her sons were seriously injured and taken to Texas Children's Hospital. Fortunately, they are expected to survive.

Not so fortunate: even before first responders made their way to the vehicle, looters broke into the car and stole groceries from the front seat. Try to wrap your mind around this: they actually ignored the fact that two little boys were hurt and stole food that was sitting right next to the body of their dead mother.

There's NO excuse for this. I don't care if the looters were starving -- there's a better way to procure food than to steal it from a car that was involved in a fatal crash. In this case, the desire to help someone in need should have been stronger than the desire to steal.

Does anyone else agree though that this is a rare anecdote and that we usually hear about people doing everything they can to help a family in need? I'll keep this story about a stranger who helped a woman deliver twins after a car accident in mind in order to overcome the bad feelings brought on by this awful story.

Why do you think anyone would loot a car after the driver died in a crash and her two children were injured? Should we feel compassion for the looters? 


Image via Matt MacGillivray/Flickr

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