Mom Arrested for Faking Ovarian Cancer Is 'Pure Evil' (VIDEO)

Being told you have cancer is something most of us dread. And yet, strangely, there are quite a few people who pretend they have it. The latest of these is Alissa Jackson, a 31-year-old nurse from Belleville, Illinois. She reportedly spent two years pretending she had stage four ovarian cancer. It's hard to believe anyone would want to shave their head, lose weight, and appear sickly every day -- and tell everyone you might die soon. But I guess it makes a little more sense when you hear what else Jackson did.


Jackson had a Facebook page titled "Alyssa's Army," which sold T-shirts, organized parties, and solicited donations to help with Jackson's medical expenses. She received $35,000 over two years.

While the money isn't huge, it's enough to live on if you're not working, and apparently Jackson made having cancer her job.

She allegedly not only told her community and perfect strangers she had cancer -- but her husband and five kids too. Anyone who has had a sick parent knows how scary and heart-wrenching it is. Why anyone would deliberately want their kids to suffer like this is beyond me.

But probably the worse part about faking cancer is the people you fool -- the ones who donate their time, energy, money. Who think about you, pray for you, cry for you.

And the real people with cancer -- how they might suffer because the next time one of them asks for help, people might remember about that scam they heard and be less inclined to give it.

Friends finally grew suspicious about how active Jackson was even with stage four cancer and called police. Reportedly, a friend confronted Jackson over the phone, and she burst into tears and confessed.

A police officer called Jackson "pure evil." Is she pure evil? Or is she someone with a desperate and debilitating need for attention?

Either way, she did a huge amount of damage to a huge amount of people, and I'm not sure how you make up for something like that.

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Meanwhile, there are many women who are really dying of ovarian cancer, and we need to think about them instead of this attention-seeking woman.

Image via Belleville Police

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