Father Arrested for Killing Wife & Kids Has Most Bizarre Excuse (VIDEO)

A man who allegedly killed his wife and two children has a most bizarre excuse: He claimed he blacked out over stress because of financial difficulties and doesn't remember what happened when he stabbed his wife 59 times, and then sliced the throats of his son and daughter.


Lakshminivasa Nerusu, 46, who lived outside Detroit with his family, allegedly killed his wife, Jayalakshmi, by stabbing her 59 times. He then waited hours for his two children, who were 12 and 14, to come home from school. He slit their throats so deeply they were almost decapitated.

Nerusu's lawyer admits that the father killed his family, but says it was because financial problems led him to black out, and he doesn't remember any of the killing spree.

While this could have happened, there are some things that cast doubt on it. For one, prosecutors say that Nerusu was researching "human anatomy, human dissection, and airline schedules on the Internet" the night before the murders.

He also then fled to India right after the killings and stayed there for a year until he was caught.

You would think that someone who blacked out and went berserk and killed his entire family might wake up from his crazy state and call 911. Fleeing to India doesn't seem like the type of thing that a person who genuinely snapped and doesn't remember anything would do. Also, that was quite a long blackout if it started the night before and still allowed him to surf the web looking for information on flights to India.

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Whether he blacked out or not is for a jury to decide, but this is a horrific crime. A wife who loved and trusted her husband is brutally stabbed dozens of times. And then precious children, who lost their lives in a horrific fashion to the man who should have been loving and protecting them.

Do you think people can really black out and snap like this?

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