Woman Buried Alive During First Date With Guy She Met Online

This could be the worst first date in history.

During what she had surely hoped would be a lovely, romantic outing, a woman died after she was buried alive by her date, a man she met on the Internet. So how did their meet-up turn to murder?


According to reports, Mina El Houari was a diabetic and collapsed at the man's house, and he thought she had died. Perhaps panic set in or maybe even an eerie calm in the moments that immediately followed. Whatever he was feeling, it led him to one bizarre conclusion: to bury her in the garden in his backyard.

From southeast France, she had booked a five-star hotel room in Morocco, where her would-be boyfriend lived. I can only imagine the excitement she had while making the plans. Undoubtedly she wondered if he would be The One, if this trip would lead to something more? Never in her wildest nightmares did she think he would kill her.

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According to his confession, he had no idea she was still alive. You have to wonder why didn't he call an ambulance, the police, or even a neighbor for help. Why would he think her final resting place should be in some stranger's backyard?

Relatives got suspicious when El Houari never returned home or contacted them. They called the police, who found muddy pants and a shovel at the suspect's home.

Unfortunately, her quest for love will become one of those cautionary dating tales we hear about when it comes to finding love online. Not long ago, Mary Kay Beckham filed a lawsuit against Match.com for $10 million after she was brutally stabbed by a man she met on the site. Not long before that, a missing woman's remains were found a year after going to see a man she met on the Internet. These aren't isolated incidences, they are just a small sampling of the danger lurking out there.

Do you have any concerns about Internet dating?

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