Mom Arrested for Beating 9-Year-Old Girl With Hammer in School Bathroom (VIDEO)

A mother was arrested after beating a third-grade girl with a hammer in her elementary school bathroom. Did I seriously just read that right? Yes, I did. Haseemah Diame, who was involved in the Oakland, California, elementary school and well known to teachers and students, allegedly lured a third-grader into one of the bathrooms and -- beat her with a hammer.


The allegedly crazed mom entered the recess area while kids were playing and was able to get the girl to follow her into the bathroom. Said the school's spokesman:

Once in the bathroom the adult proceeded to assault the girl with a hammer.

A teacher apparently interrupted the attack and called police. The girl was hospitalized with serious injuries but is expected to recover.

Police say that the motive for the attack is unknown but suspect there was some kind of feud going on between the mom and the family of the little girl.

Anyone who would attack a child with a hammer has serious problems -- how could anyone think that was justified in any way, shape, or form?

And it's terrible that people like this make schools on such high alert -- here this woman was well-known to the school, even known to the little girl, and here she allegedly did something so violent and grotesque?

She is not being charged with attempted murder, but assault with a deadly weapon. But you have to wonder what her alleged intention was -- a child could easily be killed with a hammer.

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That child could be fearful of adults for a very long time. How truly sad.

Do you worry about your children while they're at school? Do you think the charges should be upgraded?

Image via CBS News

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