Student Who Sexually Assaulted Teacher During Class Didn't Get What He Deserved

classroomWe usually hear of teachers abusing students, but this certainly turns those tables on that sickening scenario. A 15-year-old boy was told to leave the class by his female teacher after being disruptive. But instead of walking out, he claimed he wanted a hug, dropped his pants, embraced her, and then fondled her breasts -- in front of the other students. His punishment for that crime was not severe enough.


The Kristianstad, southern Sweden student was convicted of sexual molestation and fined $2,700. He has since switched schools. 

That's it? What he did was a very serious crime and a frightening one at that. He not only traumatized that poor teacher, but surely his classmates too. Some people may want to dismiss something like this as just randy, teen behavior, but it's disturbing. The entire incident begs so many questions: Was this the first time he did something like this? Does this kid need therapy? What are the chances that he will do it again?

How does a fine teach this kid what he did was wrong? Or more importantly, how does it address the underlying issues that caused it? Now he gets to start over in a new school with a group of unsuspecting teachers and students.

Cases like this should be a warning to us all. It's not just that particular incident that should frighten us, but rather understanding why someone commits a crime like this and whether or not they can be helped. You would hope that something like this is a one-time offense, but what if it isn't? And what are the chances he will be a repeat offender? We are not privy to what went on or the evidence disclosed in that courtroom, but I just hope these issues were addressed before that sentence was handed down.

Do you think that penalty was appropriate for the crime he committed?


Image via naosuke ii/Flickr

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