2 Children Stabbed by Stranger in Elevator as They Went to Get Treats (VIDEO)

A little boy is dead and a little girl is fighting for her life after an apparent madman stabbed them in an elevator in the building they lived in. The children, who are described as best friends, were riding inside an elevator on their way to get an "icy" snack in their apartment when a man attacked them. The 6-year-old boy, Prince Joshua Avitto, died. The girl, 7-year-old Mikayla King, is still in the hospital, her condition unclear.


The children were apparently riding the elevator with the killer, described as a "hulking" man in his 20s. After telling them to "shut up," he stabbed them both with a knife and then ran out of the elevator through the building where they lived and disappeared.

The girl managed to stumble out of the elevator, but the boy was found inside when it reached another floor. Police believe that the killer has actually killed before: They think he is responsible for the stabbing death of a college student in the same area of Brooklyn, New York.

Prince Joshua, known as P.J., was only days away from his seventh birthday.

The stabbings happened in broad daylight, and while it might seem odd to send children up an elevator by themselves, parents often do it in buildings where they have lived for a long time and know most of the people. I see it in my building occasionally. At 7 years old, the kids would have been considered old enough to ride the elevator from their apartments to quickly grab a snack.

Let's not turn this into whether or not the kids should have been alone -- let's keep the focus on the fact that kids should be able to walk around their own apartment building without being stabbed to death. Somewhere, there is a crazed killer out there and still on the loose. He must be found before he strikes again. He sounds unutterably mentally ill and needs to be taken off the streets.

What a terrible tragedy -- this poor little boy, his life snuffed out so early for no reason. And this little girl, suffering what no child should have to suffer so early in her life.

Image via CBS News

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