Donald Sterling's 'Mistress' V. Stiviano Attacked by Men Hurling Racial Slurs

V. Stiviano had to expect there would be a major backlash against her -- but this is ridiculous. The "model" and maybe, probably former lover of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling set the NBA on fire when she leaked audio tapes she had recorded of Donald making racist remarks about African Americans. As a result, the billionaire was banned from basketball for life and Stiviano has made more than a few enemies of her own.

While enjoying a night out in New York City, Stiviano was reportedly attacked outside of a restaurant by two men. Yes, you read that right -- by two members of the opposite sex who obviously realized she wouldn't be strong enough to defend herself against them. She claims they punched her and called her the N-word.


Stiviano, who is half Mexican and half African American, recently caused even more controversy after a video was released in which she was caught saying "black people don't know what to do" with money. We don't know anything about her attackers other than the fact that they were Caucasian. No arrests have been made.

A little fishy, huh?

Think what you will about Stiviano. My personal opinion is that, if it's true she was willing to accept some very expensive gifts from Sterling and be his companion (in whatever way she acted as his companion), she shouldn't have recorded him against his knowledge. It just smells like a desperate attempt to gain publicity and/or make this guy pay for not treating her well or whatever.

But in no way does that mean she deserves to be physically harmed or called names by people on the street. Real men certainly don't attack women -- case closed. And can we please stop with the racist remarks? Please? Two wrongs -- in this case, what Sterling and Stiviano got caught saying -- don't make it okay for anyone else to use the N-word against her.

I wish people would rise above this nonsense and realize that the best way to express their distaste for someone is to ignore them. Stop giving them publicity. Help keep them out of the news by controlling your own reaction to them.

Are you surprised some people are reacting so strongly toward V. Stiviano and what she did?


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