17-Year-Old Girl Who Tortured Autistic 'Friend' Could Get Off Way Too Easy

A judge had ruled that a 17-year-old girl who tormented an autistic boy will be tried as a juvenile, not an adult, as she was originally charged. But he was not happy about it. The teen, Lauren A. Bush, videotaped herself and a friend holding a knife to a 15-year-old boy's throat and watching him fall into a partially frozen pond and refusing to help him out. The boy was supposedly their "friend" and trusted the girls. Some friends!


The judge seemed to have gone against his better judgment when he ruled that the girl wouldn't be tried as an adult, reportedly saying:

The conduct on the DVDs, and her statements to the police are outrageous. There is a lack of empathy ... a dramatic lack of empathy.

Comments to the police included the teen saying, "We should have erased the videos," and, "We were stupid. We’ll be smarter after this, or locked behind bars," and, "I have a project tomorrow. I can’t go to jail."

We'll be smarter after this????

Not only that, but the girls had also tried to run the boy over with a car and encouraged him to have sex with the family dog!

But the judge also concluded that Lauren had suffered trauma as a child (what kind is unclear) and multiple concussions from her time as a cheerleader. Does this make someone do what she did??

The judge decided that despite the "outrageousness" of her crimes, he didn't feel that up to 80 years in an adult prison would be right. Her friend was sentenced in juvenile court and will receive up to six years.

Scarily, even Lauren's dad thinks she should be in prison, reportedly saying:

I think she’s a danger to herself and to the community.

Wow. Just wow! When even your own father wants you in prison, there is something wrong with you. But the parents also vowed to get her "all the help she needs." And it sounds like she needs a lot!

This is brutal behavior from a teen who really sounds like she has no remorse or empathy, though she reportedly apologized to the boy.

This is a tough call. Put a teen away for life especially since she is saying things about "next time"?? Or hope that as young as she is, she can be rehabilitated and be a productive member of society?

I really don't know what to think here. It sounds scarily like this girl might be beyond rehabilitation. On the other hand, the juvenile center where she's been held deemed her a "low to medium risk." But as we know, sociopaths are good at manipulating people. Ask the cops who went to check on Isla Vista killer Elliot Rodger.

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She absolutely deserves time in a juvenile detention facility -- and hopefully there she can learn some empathy. Or at least how to follow society's rules. But who knows. Very frightening.

I hope for the sake of society, the judge made the right call here.

Do you think she should be given another chance?


Image via police

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