Woman Accused of Killing 2-Year-Old Claims God Never Told Her to Stop

Many people find inner peace and happiness through religion and use their faith to better the worlds of others around them. But some, like Kimberly Dawn Lucas, use it as an excuse to destroy lives. The 40-year-old Florida woman is accused of murdering her female partner's 2-year-old and trying to kill her 10-year-old child by attempting to give them an anti-anxiety drug. Police found little Elliana Lucas-Jamason's body in a bathtub filled with water, along with a suicide note on a laptop that placed the blame for this horrific crime on the most unlikely of "suspects": God.


In the note, Lucas reportedly referenced a sermon she had heard the day before at her church. Her pastor, Lea Brown, had spoken about Abraham, whom God called upon to sacrifice his son, but whom he stopped right before the killing. In this story, God praises Abraham for being a good shepherd and obeying his word.

In Lucas' case, though, as she attempted to kill two children and then succeeded at murdering a toddler, no one gave her the red light. In the note, she reportedly wrote, "Lea's sermon really, really touched me yesterday, but God never told me to stop!"

The suicide note also apparently blamed Elliana and her brother Ethan's mom, Jacquelyn Jamason, from whom Lucas had recently separated after a 20-year relationship.

Shame on this woman for shifting the blame for her horrific actions onto others and for hiding behind religion. I understand that some people interpret the Bible literally, but I'd venture to say 99.9 percent of those people aren't so off their rockers they actually believe murdering a child is doing God's work. If Lucas is found guilty, she should spent her days behind bars thinking about how she stripped a mother of her flesh and blood and how no one -- and no one story in the Bible -- is responsible for her actions.

Are you surprised this woman used religion as an excuse to murder?


Image via Chris Yarzab/Flickr

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