Honor Roll Student Admits Murdering Parents for Taking Away His iPod (VIDEO)

Your 16-year-old is an honors student. He is considered smart by everyone. He has never been in trouble. As a parent, you'd be thrilled. But then one day, you take away his iPod for some trivial infraction -- and he kills you. That seems to be the surreal and horrific case of 16-year-old Vincent Parker, who bludgeoned his parents to death because his dad took away his iPod.


Vincent testified that he became angry with his dad for taking away his tech toy, so he left school early. He went to his house and doused his mother in the face with pepper spray. He then stabbed her in the eye and beat her with a crowbar and metal baseball bat.

He then waited until his father got home from work and pounced on him when he entered. He beat him with the crowbar and stabbed him.

The father was able to call 911, but by the time cops got there, his wife was dead. Vincent's dad, Wayne, made it to the hospital but then succumbed to his horrific injuries. He was able to identify his son as his murderer before he died.

Unbelievable and tragic. Vincent said that nothing in particular spurred his murderous rage. He testified:

I just remember getting mad. It's all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.

Incredible. His dad takes away his iPod so he kills his parents?!

Vincent's grandfather says he forgives him and wants him to "get some type of counseling" and can hopefully grow into an "understanding man." I think Vincent's grandfather lives in la-la land. This boy needs a lot more than counseling. Counselors aren't miracle workers.

Who knows what happened here. Was this kid a born psychopath? Did he snap one day? Was he on something? While he told police he "just went off" -- he didn't. He actually left school and went home. He then killed his mom and waited patiently for his dad to arrive home so he could murder him too!

When you bring a child into this world, you never imagine that child could be your murderer. Yet we read about it frequently. I just can't imagine what you can do to try to make sure your kid doesn't turn out like this -- other than what these parents were doing.

Vincent faces decades behind bars if he's sentenced to the max. Scary to think he will still probably get out one day.

Do you think he could be rehabilitated?

Image via TIGRI/YouTube

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