3 Killed & Several Wounded in Shocking Myrtle Beach Shootings

Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be a time when we stop and remember all of the men and women who fought for us and gave up their lives so that we can be free and safe. Most of us understand and accept that it is also considered the unofficial start of summer and that more people spend their days on the sand than in a cemetery. But we don't expect to hear about violence on this level. Six separate shootings were reported in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Saturday, which resulted in 3 deaths and 1 person seriously injured.


Despite the fact that a huge crowd had gathered to celebrate the holiday at one of the most popular seaside destinations in the country, someone reportedly pulled out a gun at the Bermuda Sands motel, killing three young men and wounding a fourth. The victims are 21-year-old Devonte Dantzler, 22-year-old Sandy Gaddis, and 28-year-old Jamie Williams. Cops say no one has been arrested in connection with this incident yet.

And, sadly, that was just one of 6 shootings in the area that evening. Nearby, a woman was reportedly shot in the chin and a man was shot in the shoulder. And two other people were wounded in four completely unrelated shootings.

What the heck?! The odd thing is that Myrtle Beach isn't known as being a dangerous destination. In fact, authorities reported just 2 murders last year -- which is two too many, of course, but not at all bad for a vacation spot. It's horrible to think about all of the tourists -- families with children -- who witnessed these shootings. How do you explain this kind of stupid and senseless violence to your kids?

Let's hope the rest of the holiday weekend is peaceful.

Are you on high alert when you are on vacation or do you let your guard down in order to relax?


Image via Greg Kintz/Flickr

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