2 Teens Shot After They Mocked Couple Having Sex in the Park

Some people are spontaneous in a good, fun way. Others are spontaneous and make such mind-blowingly poor decisions that you can't help but wonder from what planet did they just arrive? A man and a woman -- adults -- decided to have sex by the basketball courts in a Virginia park in broad daylight. They were then so shocked or annoyed or who-knows-what when a group of kids and teens discovered them, reportedly the man ordered that a 17-year-old and 19-year-old be shot because they were making fun of them.


The incident took place at Blackwell Park in Richmond. Witnesses say the couple was caught having sex under a "hut" by the b-ball courts and that the park wasn't exactly desolate at the time. A group of children, ages 8 to 11, had gathered for a tennis meet nearby, and the basketball court was filled with teenagers.

When they found the man and woman getting it on, the kids did what kids are going to do, heck, what lots of adults would do -- they laughed. They mocked them. They acted like nervous, embarrassed kids.

But the man, whose name and age have yet to be revealed, apparently didn't think it was so funny. He allegedly called some of his family members to come down to the park and shoot two of the older teens who were making jokes at the couple's expense.

One teen was shot in the back while the other was shot in the arm. Luckily, both have been treated for non life-threatening injuries. Info about the arrest of the shooter has not been released yet.

So many "what the heck were they thinking" questions come to mind here. Obviously, what the heck was the man thinking by not simply realizing he had been caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing? He should have escorted his partner out of the park with his tail between his legs.

And, of course, what the heck were both the man and woman thinking for deciding that a park where kids and teens play is the perfect place to get intimate? So many poor choices here -- it's a miracle this didn't result in more injuries or worse.

What's the most inappropriate thing you've ever witnessed someone doing in public?


Image via Shad a Hall GALLERY/Flickr

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