Mom Accused of Beating 3-Year-Old to Death Then Blaming Intruders (VIDEO)

A Chicago mom has been accused of the unthinkable. Maria Espinoza-Perez reportedly beat her 3-year-old daughter Ashley so viciously that she fractured the toddler's bones prior to killing her. The 24-year-old woman then allegedly did one of the most cowardly things imaginable.


Espinoza-Perez allegedly called her boyfriend, who is the father of her child, later than evening and told him that two men had broken into their home and hurt Ashley, who she claimed had stopped breathing. About 20 minutes later, she contacted police and told them the exact same story.

We'll never understand why people think they're going to get away with crimes like these by fabricating stories. Perhaps this mom realized she would be caught -- or maybe she had a change of heart and felt guilty -- but something inspired her to later recant the lie and admit to cops that she had been abusing her daughter for years. She also told them she cleaned up Ashley's blood after the attack and was to blame for "some" of the injuries.

It isn't clear whether Espinoza-Perez is holding on to part of her intruder tale in order to seem less guilty.

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Paramedics found the poor girl dead in the kitchen. In addition to fractured bones, she had missing teeth, bruises, scrapes and cuts on her neck, and injuries to her forehead and other parts of her body. Cops also found blood all over her crib, stuffed animals, and in the bathroom of their home.

Espinoza-Perez has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail.

Ashley was reportedly okay when her dad left for work that morning. The couple's upstairs neighbor says she often heard loud fighting between mom and dad, but that all was quiet the day of the murder. In this video, the little girl's uncle -- the suspect's brother-in-law -- describes how shocked everyone is that this happened. By the sound of it, no one had any idea this mom was capable of doing something so heinous:

What's an appropriate punishment in this case?


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