Mom Arrested for Stabbing Her 3 Babies to Death While Dad Was Home (VIDEO)

A California woman has been arrested for committing the most incomprehensible crime of all: killing her three young children. Carol Coronado was found naked and holding a knife in her bed, alongside the dead bodies of her kids -- aged 3, 2, and 2 months old. The 30-year-old had reportedly tried to slit her wrists, but her suicide attempt was unsuccessful. When tragedies like these take place, one of our first questions is: where were the people in Carol's life who are there for her, like her husband or mother? And the answer in this case is shocking: they were right there at home.


Carol's mother was actually the one who found her daughter in bed with her grandchildren. A neighbor reported that grandma confided in her that Carol had called her earlier that day and told her she thought she was going crazy. It isn't clear whether Carol's mom was visiting because of the alarming call she received or if she was there for some other purpose.

The children's father, Rodolfo Coronado, was reportedly outside working on his car across the street from their home when the fatal stabbing took place. A neighbor says he was crying when police escorted him outside of the home and shouting, "She killed my daughters!"

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Carol was arrested on suspicion of murder and was taken to a hospital to be examined before her booking. She hasn't commented on the murders and no one is sure what could have motivated her to take her babies' lives. Her Facebook page looks no different from that of any other dedicated and loving mom -- it's filled with photos of her children and even a sonogram image taken when she was pregnant with her 2-month-old.

This is so unbelievably sad and I can't imagine what dad and grandma must feel like right now. Our thoughts are with everyone suffering from this horrendous loss.

Is there anything we can do to help mothers whom we suspect may hurt their children?


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