Mom & 4-Year-Old Daughter Go on Crime Spree

Teach them early, goes the saying. One mom unfortunately was allegedly teaching her daughter very early -- how to steal. Mom Shannie Eastman was caught on surveillance cam instructing her 4-year-old daughter to take a wallet from a purse left on a cash register in a store. Man, most 4-year-olds you can't even tell them how to wipe their butt themselves, but this mom managed to turn her little girl into a sticky-fingered thief. Not just once either, but repeatedly.


That same day, the mom, along with her friend, Tisha Strong, allegedly hit another store and again used the pint-sized pickpocket to do their dirty work -- this time having her swipe both a purse and a "fanny" pack.

Shortly there after, the dysfunctional trio hit another store. This time, they had the girl swipe $900 from a cash box located in a back room. Not clear how the mom knew what was in the box.

Pretty ingenious. A kid can get much closer to wallets, pocketbooks, and cash boxes without suspicion than an adult can. Also, pretty despicable. Teaching your kid early on this kind of behavior almost guarantees that she'll grow up to be a criminal. Way to go, mom.

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The child has been taken away and is staying with a member of Eastman's family. Hopefully, now she will have a chance at an honest life.

Can you believe this?


Image via Berndt Rostad/Flickr

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