Mom Finds Man Living in Her 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Closet (VIDEO)

One 14-year-old girl had the bogeyman living in her closet -- literally. The girl told police that she met 27-year-old Jarred Workman online and invited him to her house in North Carolina. When he got there, he allegedly sexually assaulted her. He then moved in -- to the closet.


The girl's distraught mom told WSOC TV:

I'm uncomfortable in my own home. I'm scared. I can't sleep at night.

Added a police officer assigned to the case:

Just the fact that he would be that brazen. To come up here and meet a girl online and then stay in her residence not knowing what her parents are or what they are about.

Workman was discovered the predictable way: The girl's mom opened the closet. I don't know how he thought an adult wouldn't open the closet at some point. Wishful thinking, I guess.

The mom, stunned as you can imagine, asked who he was. Proving he's no genius, he gave his real name. Oh, he also left his wallet and cellphone behind when he decided it was time to mosey. Made it easy to find him.

You really have to wonder how he managed this feat for a week. Didn't he need to eat? Use the bathroom? What did he do all day while the girl was in school?

The man faces up to life in prison. The "relationship" between the adult and the teen was not forced -- reportedly the girl snuck him in and out of the house -- but the law doesn't discriminate. This guy really should have found a woman his own age.

The girl's mom says that the Internet "ruined" her daughter and is warning other moms to keep track of what their kids do online. Probably checking their closets occasionally wouldn't hurt either.


Image via WSOC TV

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