Woman Told to 'Forgive' Husband Who Raped and Drugged Her Repeatedly (VIDEO)

If you can believe it, there once was a time when it was considered "impossible" for a husband to rape a wife. After all, that was his property. How can you rape your own property? Fortunately, those days are over and now everyone understands that -- oh, I'm sorry. Apparently there are still some people who live in 1825. And one of those people would be the judge in an Indiana courtroom who sentenced David Wise after he was found guilty of drugging his wife, raping her, and videotaping it. But wait 'til you hear his "punishment."


It all started, says Mandy Boardman, in 2005, when she woke up surprised to find a pill dissolving in her mouth. She says there were several times that she woke up feeling groggy and like her body had been "messed with."

Three years later, Mandy said she found three sex videos -- starring her and her husband -- on his cellphone. The problem? She didn't remember making them. She made a copy of the videos and kept them on file. She finally reported her husband in 2011.

Mandy's husband was found guilty of these despicable crimes -- rape and five felony counts of criminal deviate conduct. His punishment? Eight years of home detention. Yes, Wise will be able to serve out his "punishment" at home, and not in a prison cell.

Possibly even worse, Mandy says the judge looked her in the eye at the sentencing and told her she needed to "forgive" her husband and "move on"!

Clearly, rape by a husband in this instance was not taken seriously! It sounds like the judge had a "she's his property" mentality.

Mandy says her ex will continue to harass her as much as possible and that she feels she received "zero justice." Unless I'm missing something, it sure sounds that way!

What do you think of this sentence and what the judge allegedly said?

Image via Indianapolis Star

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