Student Commits Stupid Crime to Hide Fact She Didn’t Graduate From Parents


It's not unusual for a kid to hide something dumb they did from their parents. However, Danielle Shea took things to a ridiculous and dangerous level in an attempt to keep her parents from discovering that she dropped out of college.


As far as her mom knew, the former Quinnipiac University student was all set to graduate with the rest of her class. She didn't suspect a thing. And why would she since her daughter had cashed all the tuition checks they had been sending? But according to cops, Shea had not attended school all year.

No doubt as the commencement date drew closer, Shea was freaking out about confronting her parents with the truth. So instead of acting like an adult and admitting to what she had done, she concocted the most idiotic plan imaginable. She called in two bomb threats before the ceremony in hopes that administrators would cancel it. The first call into the university's public safety office said a "bomb was in the library." Then, 17 minutes later, another call warned, "Several bombs are on campus. You haven't cleared out graduation. That's not a good idea."

Of course authorities searched the building and didn't find any explosives, but they decided to relocate the graduation rather than cancel it. They managed to track Shea down because the genius used her own number to call in the bomb threats. A short time later, she was found wearing a cap and gown at the new location and was cuffed on the spot. We can only imagine how her parents reacted to that.

Now she has an even bigger problem than not graduating. What she did is a crime. Shea was booked on charges of threatening in the first degree and falsely reporting an incident.

Do you think Shea deserves a harsh sentence or just a slap on the wrist for this?


Image via Corbis

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