Man Arrested for Sneaking Into Home & Raping 5-Year-Old While She Slept (VIDEO)

When you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of your 5-year-old daughter crying, you think she's having a nightmare or a belly ache. You don't think the unspeakable. So I can't imagine what this mom felt when she went to check out the reason for her daughter's tears and discovered the worst thing she could have discovered -- an adult man was allegedly raping her child.


Kyle Hancock, 29, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 5-year-old girl while she slept soundly in her own bed. When the mother reportedly discovered Hancock on top of her daughter, a fight ensued, but the man escaped out the kitchen window. He was later found and arrested. Reportedly, there was no connection between the suspect and the little girl or her family. In other words, this was stranger danger in the extreme.

Hancock is reportedly a sex offender who "shouldn’t have got out as quickly as he did from the first time," according to Tulsa Police Sgt. Brandon Wykoff. Wykoff sounds very correct. In fact, Hancock apparently told a friend after he confessed to the crime, "I have a demon in me."

If a person has a demon like this and can't control it, obviously that person should not be out in society. It's just unfortunate that he was before this allegedly happened. Previously, he had been convicted of lewd proposals/acts to a child under 16.

Pedophiles have some of the highest rates of recidivism of all criminals. Experts say that pedophilia is a "sexual orientation" and unlikely to change. One study said that 25 to 50 percent of pedophiles go on to repeat the crime. Wow. Horrible to think that this is someone's sexual orientation -- and something he (or she though the vast majority of child molesters are male) can't control thinking about. However, one must control doing it.

To actually break into a stranger's home and rape a child as she lies in her own bed -- with the very good chance that a parent is going to hear you -- a person like this has absolutely no control and must be kept away from society.

Terrible that this poor girl had to allegedly experience something so evil and vicious so young. You wonder if she will ever recover.

And let's all cheer the woman who managed to track Hancock down using her computer and reported his whereabouts to police. - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

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