Mom Accused of Assaulting 12-Year-Old Was Trying to Protect Her Kid

If you ever wanted to literally throttle a kid who was bullying your child, then you might sympathize with Delia Garcia-Bratcher. She walked into her young child's elementary school, found her tormentor, and allegedly grabbed him by the throat.


Apparently no adult saw the alleged attack, but children did, and they were the ones who reported what they say they saw happen. Additionally, the boy reportedly had marks on his neck. The mom was arrested and charged with felony child abuse.

Reportedly, the mom denied it happened on Facebook.

I'm sure every mom who had a kid bullied dreams of doing something like this if all other avenues have failed. It's unclear if the mom tried anything else first though. Did she speak to the school -- repeatedly? Did she speak to the child's parents? We all know how in denial parents can be about their kids though. "Not my precious child! He wouldn't bully anyone!" etc.

So maybe the mom had reached her breaking point. Still, let's remember that a 30-year-old shouldn't place her hands on a 12-year-old, no matter the circumstances. Even if she stormed into the school and warned the kid not to touch her daughter, she'd still be in trouble, but not this much trouble.

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It goes to show you that schools really have a responsibility to take bullying seriously -- not only for the kids affected, but for the parents. Now this woman may end up with a permanent arrest record. Her name is in the papers. She may go to jail or have to pay a fine. She will definitely have legal bills.

This type of thing could perhaps be avoided if schools acted more aggressively to curb bullying.

Meanwhile, parents, you cannot throttle your kid's bully. No matter how tempting.

Have you ever been tempted to threaten a young bully?


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