12-Year-Old Charged in Killing Infant Can Be 'Productive Member of Society'

A 12-year-old girl who was arrested two years ago in connection with the death of a 3-month-old baby will avoid a manslaughter charge and likely plea to a misdemeanor charge that will keep her out of prison and see her get help. Kelli Murphy was only 10 when she was charged with manslaughter in Maine when baby Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway was found dead in her bedroom.


Brooklyn's mother, Nicole Greenaway, had left Brooklyn with her mom, Amanda Huard, for the evening. At some point, Amanda reportedly put the baby into the bedroom of her 10-year-old daughter. The next morning, the baby was dead. The circumstances surrounding her death have always been murky, but reportedly she may have been drugged with the ADHD medication Kelli took and suffocated.

Kelli Murphy had previously shown signs she had emotional issues and there is some evidence that Murphy had also fed her medication to another baby in the building (she wasn't charged with anything). Despite that, Huard allowed Kelli Murphy to be alone with Brooklyn. Huard will not be charged with neglect, as prosecutors say it would be too difficult to prove.

The trial of Kelli Murphy had been delayed because the girl wasn't showing competency to understand the charges against her. Defense and prosecution finally decided to hammer out a deal, one that will see Murphy plea to a much lesser charge.

Currently, Murphy is in the custody of government officials and being given intense counseling. With the plea deal, she would not see prison. The Attorney General, William Stokes, says:

The goal of this, which has been the goal from the very beginning, is that the juvenile will be subject to conditions and to counseling, supervision, treatment for a lengthy period of time, so that the issues that she has can be addressed ... She is still very young and has a chance to become a productive member of society.

What a horrible, horrible story. It remains to be seen if Kelli can indeed become a productive member of society. She very well could, many who commit crimes this young do (such as the respected professor who killed his mother and sister when he was a teen). On the other hand, sometimes this is a huge red flag that the child is a psychopath who will never fit into society's norms.

Unfortunately it feels like little Brooklyn will receive no justice. Just a tragedy.

What do you think should happen with Kelli Murphy?


Image via In Loving Memory of Brooklyn Foss Greeaway/Facebook

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