Kiddie Porn Convict Who Removed GPS to Rape 10-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to Life

It's hard to imagine what a sufficient punishment would be for raping a 10-year-old girl and then further ruining her life by murdering the most important person in it: her mother. David Renz will be spending the rest of his days locked up behind bars with no chance of parole, which is the maximum sentence a judge could impose. The 30-year-old New Yorker didn't just render it impossible for an innocent little girl to grow up and have a normal and happy life, he did it after he'd already been given a second chance at freedom. He actually commited this disgusting crime just 2 months after being released from jail on child pornography charges.


Renz was on probation when he decided to continue his deviant ways and up the ante. Last March, he removed his GPS tracking bracelet and carjacked Lori Bresnahan and her 10-year-old daughter as the two left a gymnastics class at a local mall. Holding them up with an air pistol, he restrained both of them and then raped the little girl in the mall parking lot.

All while her mother was forced to watch it happen -- just horrific.

Lori, who worked as a school librarian, tried her hardest to fight back. As Renz was untying her from the car headrest, she attacked him and yelled at her daughter to run away. A passerby was able to help the girl, but her mom couldn't be saved -- Renz choked and stabbed Lori to death in his car.

He then fled to a nearby wooded area, where police captured him.

Despite being given another shot at life, courtesy of the parole board, police still found hundreds of videos and photos of young girls being raped when they searched his home.

Lori's family made the decision not to force the 10-year-old to testify in court, and their lawyers didn't pursue federal carjacking charges, which is why Renz dodged the possibility of getting the death penalty.

The rapist and murderer agreed to plead guilty to his crimes in exchange for the promise that he would be kept safe in prison. According to authorities, he wasn't a very popular inmate and was punched in the nose by another prisoner just one day after his arrest.

Do you think Renz' life sentence is fair?


Image via Rich Pedroncelli/ /AP/Corbis


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