6-Week-Old Baby Found Dead After Parents Spend Night Drinking & Fighting (VIDEO)

Little Cadence Cannon only survived for six weeks in this world before her parents' neglience allegedly snuffed it out. Cadence was reportedly found unresponsive in her home after her parents had both left it after getting drunk and into an argument. Reportedly the dad returned six hours later to feed the baby but found her unresponsive. Police reportedly found the infant covered in fecal matter, dirt, and lice! She also had severe diaper rash.


Mark and Jennifer Cannon of Oklahoma were allegedly drunk and argumentative and left the house separately, with Mark taking a 1-year-old boy with him. It's unclear if anyone was in the home with the baby.

When the dad returned home, he fed the baby and then went to sleep. Six hours later, he checked on her, but she was unresponsive. It was the baby's aunt who made the 911 call.

When police arrived, reportedly the parents were still drunk. Unbelievable.

Yet the baby's aunt says she doesn't understand why the mom are being charged with neglect, saying she had just taken Cadence to the doctor, and that "she didn't do anything wrong." She says the baby's dad didn't either.

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But police disagree and arrested them. The other child has been placed with child services.

More proof that parents should really have to prove they are at least minimally capable of taking care of a child before being allowed to have one. It's unfathomable how a child allegedly had so many things wrong with it in such a short period of time.

Could this have been prevented somehow? 


Image via Enid Police

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