11-Year-Old Boy Shoots Grandma in Head After Argument Over Report Card (VIDEO)

An 11-year-old boy is being held by authorities with intent to kill after he shot his grandmother in the head. The boy had reportedly gotten into trouble at school and his grandmother was in the process of reading a progress report that was "not in favor" of the boy when he retrieved a gun, took aim, and fired. The grandmother survived and was able to call 911.


Reportedly while the grandmother, Annie Mougell-Walker, was reading the report, the boy went to her bedroom, got a .22 caliber gun, returned and fired at her head. The grandma told KOTV:

He got in trouble today at school, so when I got home I was gonna talk to him furthermore about it.

But before she knew it, she saw a "big bang of a flash" and felt that she was shot in the head. Amazingly, she was able to call for help.

Police say that at first the boy denied it was him, but then the grandmother told police what had happened. The bullet is still lodged in the base of her skull, surgeons unable to remove it, and she is wearing a neck brace.

Just one more reason not to have a loaded gun freely accessed in the home. But you have to also wonder what is up with this boy. Is he a psychopath? Is he troubled? Does he watch too much TV or video games and simply doesn't quite understand that a gun really kills?

And now what will happen to the boy? It's unclear where the mother is. But if I was this grandmother, I would certainly be extremely wary about wanting this boy in my house again.

But the grandmother, whom the boy has lived with since he was 2-years-old, says she misses him, forgives him, and feels that maybe he shot her because he says he "hears voices" in his head.

Thank goodness this wasn't even worse. The boy definitely needs help. Right now he is in a detention center. Hopefully he can be rehabiliated.

What should happen to the boy?

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