Mother of 2 Covered in Lime & Buried Alive on Her Way to Buy a Car (VIDEO)

Fatima Perez had saved up $8,000 to buy a new car from someone who posted an ad on Craigslist. The 41-year-old mom of 2 probably figured it was totally fine to accept a ride to the seller from someone she knew -- Carlos Alicea-Antonetti, a landscaper who had worked on her New Jersey home.

But this one decision proved a fatal mistake. Alicea-Antonetti and another landscaper named Ramon Ortiz are being charged with murdering the woman -- after kidnapping, attacking, pouring lime on, and burying her alive.


Shortly after Perez got into Alicea-Antonetti's car, the two reportedly began fighting over something. Police say the mom "fell out" of the driver's van, but then got back into the backseat. It isn't clear whether Alicea-Antonetti forced her into his vehicle, but she continued the trip laying across the backseat, which certainly sounds unusual and suspicious.

Alicea-Antonetti then picked up his colleague, Ortiz, who has a series of drug convictions under his belt, as well as one for aggravated assault for choking his wife in 2006.

The duo taped Perez's mouth and eyes shut, drove her to a secluded area, and dug a shallow grave for her -- using a shovel that was in the man's van, according to cops. They threw the woman into the grave, covered her with lime -- which is known to hide the smell of decomposition -- and haphazardly covered her with branches and dirt.

Perez's poor family reported her missing on Monday and it took but 2 days for police to find her body in the grave. The coroner's report shows she died of asphyxiation -- and the two men admitted to police that she had been alive when they buried her.

How disgusting and dreadful is this? Perez leaves behind two children -- a 21-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. Because of these monsters, a young woman has lost her role model and a child has lost his most important advocate in life. No child should have to learn that his mother died in this horrific way -- and no mother should have to bury her daughter knowing she was the victim of such cruelty.

The two men were picked up by police and are being held on $5M bail. Cops says they discovered more than $7,000 in their possession at the time of their arrest, and it wouldn't be crazy to guess they stole that money from Perez -- though this hasn't been confirmed yet.

This is all we know right now and there are so many more unanswered questions. Was this a planned attack, considering how the man had a shovel in his van? Did they already have the lime or did they pick it up along the way? Were they planning on actually killing Perez or stealing her car money? And, if theft was the motive behind this attack, how did things get so out of control to the point where they buried her alive?

Just sick. Hoping her children are with people who love them during this time.

What do you think was the motive in this murder?


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