Bus Driver Arrested for Making Passes at 12-Year-Old Girl Held Captive on Bus (VIDEO)

When you send your kids off to school on the bus, you trust they are in good hands. Sometimes it doesn't always work out like that though. A school bus driver in Houston, Texas has been accused of holding a 12-year-old girl hostage on the bus he'd been driving, refusing to let her off, and then making advances on her.


The man, 44-year-old Carlos Guzman, was allegedly driving the girl home when he refused to bring her to her normal stop. He's then accused of putting tape over the rear and front bus cameras so they couldn't record what the girl says happened next: That the bus driver rubbed her leg, told her he "really liked" her, and said, "I know you're only 12 but we could be together." He allegedly then hugged and kissed her.

The girl says she was able to push him away with her violin and knapsack. After about 20 minutes, he allegedly drove her home.

Neighbors who know the man, however, say that he is a respectful person who would never do anything like this. One friend said she has never seen any indication he had these kinds of issues.

Of course, people can hide things very well. Or this may be a new behavior. But we must allow for the possibility that he's innnocent as well. If he really did cover up the cameras, however, that speaks to the truth of what the girl says.

If he's guilty, then I can't imagine what that girl was thinking and feeling stuck on a bus with an authority figure she trusted, someone who suddenly morphed into a pervert who seemingly wanted some kind of "adult" relationship with her. She must have been really frightened -- not to mention grossed out.

Guzman has been fired from his bus driving job.

Have you ever have a trusted authority figure be inappropriate with you or your child?


Image via KHOU

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