Teen Reportedly Strikes 4-Year-Old in Head with a Crowbar in Middle of Store

And in today's edition of "What is Wrong with People?" we bring you a nightmarish story straight out of California. A 18-year-old woman has been arrested for walking into a Walmart in San Jose, approaching a man shopping with his 4-year-old daughter, and then striking the little girl on the head with a crowbar. She then hit the child again with the weapon -- this time on the shoulder. Police say she didn't know the father or little girl, making this an insane, random act of violence that might make you want to lock up your children, and maybe yourself, in a room in your house.


The teen has been identified as Maria Garate, whom police have insinuated may be homeless. According to reports, she entered the chain store carrying a crowbar. Ordinarily, that would look suspicious, of course, but this was a Walmart -- I could understand it if workers assumed she had purchased the tool there and wanted to return it. It's not like she was carrying a gun. Who would have imagined what she was about to do next with it?

We have no idea why Maria singled out this particular little girl, but cops believe she would have attacked someone that day -- whether the 4-year-old or another victim.

After the teen struck the girl, who was sitting in a shopping cart, her father, "Tam," said he tried to protect his daughter. He claims the woman then hit him in the arm with her crowbar.

But Tam also says he was able to stop Maria from hitting the child yet again, and it gives me goosebumps to think what would have happened if dad had been just a few more feet away from his little girl and unable to get to her in time. It doesn't take but a hard hit in the head to permanently damage a person's skull. This poor, innocent child could have been killed -- and without a single motive behind this disgusting crime.

The great news is that the girl was treated in a hospital and is recovering from injuries at home. We know kids are resilient, and I'm sure she'll forget about the incident in a week -- but how is her dad ever going to stop thinking about this when he's out and about with her? 

Does this story make you think twice about trusting strangers around your child?


Image via HomeSpot HQ/Flickr

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