Court Bans Deadbeat Dad From Having More Kids

judgeA Ohio judge was intent on making sure one man's punishment perfectly fit his crime. Deadbeat dad Asim Taylor was ordered to stop having children until he paid back the $100,000 in child support he owes for the four he already has.


Of course his lawyer argued this is a violation of his right to reproduce. He claims the only way his client can absolutely avoid impregnating a woman is by abstaining from sex. He took the case to the District, but they upheld the unusual decision. Besides, would not having careless sex really be the worst thing in the world for Taylor? After all, it was sex that eventually landed him in this trouble in the first place. A break would do him some good - and at least keep him from disappointing another baby mama.

Now is the a violation of his rights in some way? Yes, it would seem so. But to that I say, what about the right of his kids to grow up being taken care of. This man hasn't been living up to his basic responsibilities as a parent. Because of his behavior, his children are suffering. If he were to have more children, they would go through the same kind of neglect. He needs to focus on the ones that he already has.

This baby ban sends a strong message to all those other dads out there who aren't doing what they are supposed to do. If more people received this kind of sentence, it would likely reduce the number of children living with neglect and poverty.

However, this case isn't closed as far as Taylor and his attorney are concerned.  They plan to take the fight to the Ohio Supreme Court. Hopefully those judges will also see the benefits in a ruling like this. It just may be the one thing that deters a man from becoming a deadbeat dad.

Do you think this ruling is unfair?


Image via Chris Potter/Flickr

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