Failing Student Earns ‘A’ After Having Sex With Teacher

kalyn thompsonThis one certainly gives new meaning to the term "extra credit." A math teacher in Oklahoma gave a student an "A" after they started having sex together. And this was no tiny bump up on the grading curve. Police say the kids was essentially flunking out before he got hot for teacher.


It reportedly all started in December when Kalyn Thomspn started chatting with her student outside of school hours and off school grounds. Shortly after that, they had sex - twice in total. One dalliance happened near a local lake and the second was in a hotel in Tulsa.

With so many reports of teachers having sexual relationships with their students it makes us wonder what the hell is wrong with these so-called adults. What is the lure of sex with a hormonal teenage boy when there is so much at risk? They lose their jobs, community standing, friends, family, and could even land in jail.

Fortunately for Thompson, her partner turned 18 shortly before their romance escalated. The age for consent in Oklahoma is 16, but the law does state that a teacher cannot have sex with a current or former student until they turn 21. She's also accused of sending inappropriate text messages to him about sex, getting high, and his grades. Thompson reportedly quit once she realized there was an investigation into her alleged behavior.

Needless to say, parents are shocked. Though, I would be more interested to learn what the students are saying. I would imagine many suspected what was going on. It's hard to keep a secret like that in a small town school.

Do you think the fact the student was 18 makes this less of a crime?


Image via Fox 23


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