Man Arrested for Serving His Girlfriend & Her 1-Year-Old Son Cake

This man is not a keeper. A Chicago man has been accused of feeding his girlfriend and her 1-year-old son cake -- which sounds nice. But it isn't. Allegedly the man had baked marijuana into the cake and watched as they ate it unawares that they were being drugged.


Emmanuel Ekaette has been charged with a variety of offenses after he allegedly baked a cake and brought it over to his girlfriend and her young son. He then apparently watched the woman eat it, while feeding some to her son, and when asked what the "crushed leaves" in the cake were, lied that it was spices.

The woman then reportedly started feeling "hazy" and got herself and her toddler to the hospital, where they both tested positive for marijuana.

Ick! Who would DO this not only to his girlfriend but to her baby?

Innocent until proven guilty and all of that, but if this is true, I hope to god this woman knows enough to get away from this dude! If he'd do this, who knows what else he would do.

Yes, pot eating is done by many -- and maybe they get off on it. But you don't drug people who aren't aware of what is happening. That is a complete and total betrayal of trust. And you never know how someone is going to react to a drug.

And you especially don't sit there and watch as a child eats your drugs. Despicable creature.

Have you ever had anyone slip you drugs?


Image via Acya Wilson/Flickr

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