9-Month-Old Baby Killed in Tragic Home Invasion

When I think of a home invasion, I tend to imagine victims who either have items worth stealing or have done something to drive someone to an act as desperate as murder. But in this particular case, in a suburban Atlanta home, the victim was one no one could have possibly imagined.

Over the weekend a 9-month-old baby was killed in a violent attack by three masked men.  What happened?


According to reports, on Saturday night three gunmen entered the home and began to chase three women, one of whom was holding the baby. The women ran into a bathroom and locked the door. The gunmen then broke down the door and opened fire. The women, (ages  36, 23, and 21) were all critically injured but are expected to survive. The baby, however, was shot and killed.

“This incident, we believe is a possible retaliatory act in response to the murder of the female, Alexis Malone, that had occurred where her body was found earlier that day,” DeKalb County Police Chief, Dr. Cedric Alexander stated. “It’s complicated. It’s insane. It’s insane.”

It IS insane. And to add to the sadness of the situation, the gunman were very young as well. Police have arrested 18-year-old Kemontae Cullins and are looking for Cutrez Johnson aka “Lil Red,”, age 16, and Oslushla Smith, age 19, who is also known as "Budda" or "Boo." They are barely more than babies themselves.

According to reports, there was a domino effect at play these murders. This murder happened in what may be a retaliation of the murder of Malone, who had witnessed a murder earlier in the month. Insane, complicated and completely sad and tragic. Especially when the newest victim had nothing to do with any of it. Just an innocent baby caught in the fray.

It is horrible when these senseless killings happen, but they are just so much more heartbreaking when the victims are innocent bystanders, especially a baby.


Image via DeKalb County Police via NBC News


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