Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Seen Terrified but Alive in New Video (WATCH)

The plight of the more than 276 Nigerian schoolgirls who were abducted by Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has captured the attention and outrage of the world. Now we finally hear what has happened to them. Video purportedly of the girls has been released. They are forced to wear Islamic garb, sitting god knows where, one of them clearly frightened and forced to speak on camera.


The girls, whom Boko Haram says have "converted" to Islam, are filmed wearing hajibs, and praying in an undisclosed location. "Praise be to Allah, the lord of the world," they reportedly chant.

The girls must be absolutely terrified and confused. Their parents must be feeling the same.

I am only hoping that their forced "conversion" to Islam means they will be treated decently -- fed, not beaten, not abused, not raped.

The video is at least good news that the missing girls are alive. Nor do they appear to be being abused, other than psychologically, which is bad enough. But let's be clear here, this is an extremely dangerous situation for the girls. And even if they manage to be freed, they will have nightmares and emotional issues for a very long time.

The group is demanding the release of militant prisoners in exchange for the girls. The Nigerian government is reportedly not going to negotiate. These poor girls.They had absolutely nothing to do with whatever political and religious vengeance is happening. This is a man's war. These girls should not be involved in this.

We all hope they come back alive and well. Nigeria should do whatever it takes. Hopefully governments and intelligence agencies from all countries can work together to defeat this most despicable and cowardly group.

Do you think there should be an exchange to get the girls back?

Image via Daily Mail

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