Teacher & Mom of 3 Reportedly Has Sex With 3 Different Students in One Day

There has never been a story about a teacher having sex with his or her students that hasn't made us cringe and wonder what in the hell the person was thinking. But this one might just be the ultimate in crazy -- the most ridiculous of all of these ridiculous and horrifying tales.

Ellen Niemiec is a 29-year-old high school teacher from South Carolina. She is also a married woman who has 3 young children. And yet, the instructor is being accused of somehow finding the time -- and desire -- to sleep with not one, but 3 of her students on the same night.


The Cross High School teacher reportedly attended a house party on April 11 on school grounds. While there, she was said to have had sex multiple times on that same day with 3 different students -- 2 of whom are 17. The third student is 18.

According to one source, Niemiec would talk about sex during class and engaged in "dirty talk" with students. She allegedly texted nude photos of herself to students, as well. Someone reported the incident to school staff, who alerted the police and opened an investigation on the woman.

She was charged with three counts of sexual battery, two of which are felonies because two students were under age.

Forget the fact that, assuming these allegations are true, she has ruined her career. How did this mom not think about the effect her actions would have on her family and children? Thanks to the publicity she is receiving, her name will forever be linked to sexual misconduct involving minors -- students who were supposed to trust her. Did she stop and think about this for even a minute?

Why do you think a wife and mother of 3 would have sex with 3 different students?


Image via alamosbasement/Flickr


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