Mom Who Killed Daughter's Rapist Goes to Prison

What would you do if your daughter had been raped? Most of us would be absolutely livid, angry, devastated. But would we kill our daughter's rapist? The vast majority of us would not -- though we might like to. But one mom did. Maria del Carmen Garcia, of Spain, reportedly set her 13-year-old daughter's rapist on fire. He died after a week of excruciating pain, covered in burns.


Garcia's daughter's rapist reportedly was sentenced to nine years in jail but was paroled after six. While on parole, he saw Garcia and reportedly had the temerity to ask her, "How's your daughter?" Yeah, I'd be pissed too.

Garcia was so out of her mind with rage that she reportedly ran off and bought some gasoline, found the rapist, and doused him, then lit him on fire. He died a week later in what must have been a very painful death.

Justified? That's for the legal system to decide. But Garcia was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison -- slightly longer than the rapist was sentenced to. After a public outcry, her sentence was reduced to slightly more than five years. She went to jail this week.

This is a really tough case. No doubt sympathy is with the mom. But you can't have a society of vigilantes. First of all, not everyone accused of a crime is guilty. People can end up punishing people who don't deserve it -- such as the dad who was severely beaten after a group of bystanders saw him hit a child with his truck. In actuality, surveillance video caught the child stepping out into the road where the father would have been unable to stop in time. He then got out of his car to help the kid. That's when the crowd set upon him.

Anyone who has a loved one victimized wants to take vengeance. But you have to leave these things for the justice system to take care of.

Still, given that the guy reportedly had the twisted nature to take a jab at the mom about her daughter, it's no wonder she temporarily lost her mind.

Do you think she should have gone to prison?


Image via Thomas'sPics/Flickr

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