Missing Boys Found; Father Suspected in Fatal Stabbing of Their Mother (VIDEO)

A five-state Amber Alert was called off yesterday after two young missing boys, who had been taken by their own father, were found alive. The children's mother was discovered stabbed to death in their New Jersey home, and their father, John Jordan, is in custody this morning. 

Anthony and Nicholas Jordan, who are 7 and 8 years old, were reported missing after their father signed them out of school Friday morning without mom's consent. He allegedly lied to school officials and claimed his sons had dentist appointments. While a day-long hunt for the boys took place, police made a gruesome discovery at the family's home: the children's mom, Tracey Jordan, had been stabbed to death.


John and Tracey were reportedly in the process of getting a divorce, and Tracey had a new boyfriend -- who claims John had been "violent" with his new girlfriend in the past. The couple's friends and neighbors feared the worst, with many of them saying they believe John had murdered his wife prior to picking up his sons and fleeing the state.

John has connections in South Carolina, which is where police eventually found his sons, who were unharmed.

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While we aren't yet sure whether John is guilty in this crime, the details are certainly suspicious. Why would he run away with his sons? And what was up with the lie he told school officials?

And now the real nightmare begins for these two young boys. They have to return home and be told their mother is no longer alive. They will have to come to terms with -- whether today or in a few years -- the fact that their father is a suspect in her murder. The only thing we can hope at this point is that these innocent children have loving family members who will take care of them during this confusing time.

No young child deserves to have his mother taken away from him and the person responsible for this crime should feel remorse for denying them the most important relationship of their lives.

Why do you think this dad lied to school officials and signed them out of school early?


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