College Students Post Ad for Hit & Run Driver to Get Out of Taking Finals

Empty ClassroomSMH, Internet.Two students at the University of Georgia were so desperate to get out of taking their finals, they posted an ad to Craigslist asking for a Good Samaritan to run them over. With a car. Run them over with a car so they wouldn't have to take their finals.

Studying is for wusses. Real women take on two tons of steel on wheels to get through finals week. Or something. The ad, titled, "Hit Man Wanted (UGA)" and listed under the "skilled trades/artisan jobs" category, did make it clear that they didn't want to die, so there's that at least.


The listing has been removed, but not before got a screen shot. It read:"I am looking for someone to run my friend and I over with a car. We do not want to die, we just want to be injured enough to get out of taking our finals here at UGA. Please do not kill."

Please do not kill. They do realize that's a probable outcome of being hit by a car, right? It's hard to control such things. I mean how does one know how fast to drive in order to just break a femur but not sever the femoral artery? Is it the difference between 15mph and 25? I for one, am not interested in finding out.

And get this -- they want this hit man to work for free. Compensation was listed as experiencing the privilege of "hitting two lovely ladies by vehicle w/ permission." Also maybe an arrest for two counts of vehicular manslaughter, but whatevs.

It's times like these when I'm reminded that we can debate politics all day and blame political parties for the bad economy, and so on and so forth -- but what's really wrong with America is blockheads like these ditzes.

Stop wasting your parents money and crack open a book, you nincompoops. It hurts less, I promise.

How far would you go to get out of taking a test?


Image via Thomas Favre-Bulle/Flickr

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