CBS to Air Recording of Murdered Woman's Last Moments Against Mother's Wishes

Danielle ThomasWell this move is sure to be a controversial one -- and heartbreaking for one mother who must cope with an unimaginable amount of grief. The show 48 Hours is going to air parts of a voicemail that were recorded as a woman was being murdered.

Danielle Thomas's 2012 murder will be featured on the show on Saturday night at 10 p.m. ET. She was a Weight Watchers executive who was strangled by her live-in boyfriend, Jason Bohn, a lawyer, in New York. Apparently on Thomas' phone, a four-minute message was recorded during which she begged for her life. It was played during Bohn's trial, but outside the courtroom, no one else has heard it.

This must be heartbreaking, to say the least, for Danielle's mother, Janie Thomas Bright, who said, "I don't think I can bear to hear her voice."


Janie, a special education teacher from Danville, Kentucky, had to leave the courtroom while the recording was played. She was interviewed for the 48 Hours story but most likely will be putting the TV on mute. Can't really blame her, can you? "My mother and I begged them not to use it," Bright said. "But once the trial was complete, it was in the public record."

CBS was able to get a copy due to the Freedom of Information Act because the recording was used by both the defense and prosecution. According to Susan Zirinsky, senior executive producer of 48 Hours, "We do not use an enormous amount of it, less than some of the people who put the whole text out. Hearing it is pretty chilling."

If it's chilling for Susan, imagine what it must be like if that voice were your own child's! Of course the public has the right to information, but sometimes a respect for the dead and the wishes of the family should take over. This recording was a woman's final seconds of life, and her family is still obviously grieving over the loss.

Bright said she heard some of the recording, with Bohn saying, "In five seconds I'm going to let you up, and you need to answer quickly, or else you die."

At another point, he warns, "You're so stupid, you think I'm going to stop. I'm not going to stop."

jason bohn

Must be so haunting and traumatizing to hear that as a mother. Then, apparently, during the recording, Danielle said, "Jason, I love you," following seven seconds of silence -- perhaps the point at which she was strangled.

Bohn was convicted and sentenced to life in prison last month. May he rot there.

No parent should ever have to hear this agony if they don't want to -- nor have to worry about the fact that the rest of the world will be able to hear their child's last moments as well. And, come on, to air this against the mother's wishes the day before Mother's Day? How much more insensitive can you get?

Do you think CBS should air this recording against the mother's wishes?


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