2 Moms Teach Their 2-Timing Baby Daddy a Lesson He'll Never Forget

taserThis is the very definition of baby mama drama! A South Carolina man got the crap beaten out of him by not one girlfriend, but two at the same time. Rodrick Tucker had accepted an invitation to stop by the house of the mother of one of his children, Tabitha Martin. After laying down on her bed, he looked up to find his other baby mama in the room. That's when both women started to pummel him.


They punched him in the face and head and then tasered the guy. Brutal, right? According to reports, the women were pissed off because he had started dating yet another woman. Given that bit of info, you can't help but feel a tiny bit of empathy for these ladies.

God only knows how much they have put up with. Presumably they both once loved the guy -- or at least cared enough to have children with him. They probably had hopes and dreams about the kind of partner and father he could or would be. And they were probably incredibly disappointed and angry. Why else would they mercilessly beat the guy - together. This takes the notion of teamwork to a whole new level. 

Tucker was able to break loose and then swooped up his baby, which he used as a shield. Yea, this guy is a real prize. It's not that I condone violence of any kind. I don't. It's wrong, plain and simple. But I can definitely understand their anger and frustration. Unfortunately, these women are likely now facing some serious criminal charges for the attack.

Do you think the women deserve jail time for what they did?


Image via Marcelo Freixo/Flickr

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