3-Year-Old Boy Shoots Himself With Gun Mom Bought for Protection (VIDEO)

A mother is grieving after the very gun she bought to protect herself and her family after a carjacking a few years ago ended up being the weapon of destruction that severely injured her 3-year-old. The unnamed Milwaukee, Wisconsin mother apparently bought the gun and kept it in her car's glove compartment after a carjacking. But protection turned to tragedy when her little boy, Kevin Donald, found the gun and shot himself in the head.


Police are investigating the horrible incident, but it appears that Kevin's mom and aunt had returned home from a shopping trip and were moving a television set into the house when, unbeknownst to them, Kevin slipped out of the house and got into the car. It's there he reportedly found the gun in the glove box and accidentally shot himself.

He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. His grandmother, Jane Triplett, told WISN:

Everywhere you go, there's somebody trying to take something from you. He thought it was a toy, like we say. Accidents happen, and this was one of the times that it was a major accident.

This is a very tough situation -- not only that the little boy shot himself, but that the mom reportedly bought the gun to protect herself and her family. I have luckily never been the victim of a violent crime; however, if I were, I'm sure one of the things I'd consider is whether to buy a gun. But with everything, there are pros and cons.

You may have a gun now, but what guarantee of protection is this really? Are you really going to be able to grab a gun out of the glove box in time to scare off a criminal? Might you reaching for a gun just make the criminal react and shoot you first?

And then, if you have children, there are those dangers. The danger that the child may find the gun. We read about these very real dangers every single day. Is it worth the risk?

Guns should always be locked up and kept safe from the reach of children. And if it's locked up and kept far away from children -- then how are you supposed to reach it quickly if you need it? This is one thing I never really hear gun advocates explain. Yes, this was an accident. But a preventable one.

Let's hope this little boy pulls through.

Do you own a gun for protection? Where do you keep it? How do you ensure your children won't find it?

Image via Fox6

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